2012/08/20 : Parade’s End news roundup

ベネディクト・カンバーバッチ主演 BBC ドラマ Parade’s End の
放送日が 8/24 (金) に迫ってきました。まもなくですね。楽しみです!

UK メディアでは、毎日どこかでインタビューやレビューが掲載され、


Benedict Cumberbatch – Parade’s End Trailer (Series Airs 24 Aug 2012)

BBC Media Centre
Parade’s End

The Telegraph
Benedict Cumberbatch returns in Parade’s End

The Independent
Parade’s End: A series to challenge Downton

Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall in Parade’s End – picture gallery

RadioTimes 本誌記事画像 on Tumblr
The Majestic Llamacorn

The Sun
Christopher is not just another toff in a period drama … he’s truly heroic

Reader’s Digest
extracts from our Benedict Cumberbatch interview

Daily Mail
Two sex scenes in the first six minutes… the steamy saga that the BBC hopes  will grab Downton’s crown

Beeb’s grand parade

digital spy
Benedict Cumberbatch on ‘Parade’s End’: ‘My look suits a period drama’

Benedict Cumberbatch on Parade’s End, Sherlock, being a sex symbol and living the LA dream

The Telegraph
Benedict Cumberbatch force-fed doughnuts for Parade’s End role

Location Flanders
Special Edition newsletter – Parade’s End

Entertainment – Benedict Cumberbatch  NEW!

Parade’s End – Galleries  NEW!

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