Cambridge Spies

cambridge spies
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Cambridge Spies (Episode 2)

Edward Hand

09 – 30 May 2003


Other Cast Members
Toby StephensTom Hollander, Rupert Penry-Jones

Peter Moffat

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Plot Summary

At Cambridge University in 1934, four young men are courted by Soviet agents and recruited into a world of covert intelligence and espionage. Fired by youthful idealism, passionately committed to social justice and to fighting fascism, they are bonded by friendship based on shared conviction and shared sacrifice. This is the story of Blunt, Burgess, Philby and Maclean, the most notorious double agents in British history.

The four became embroiled in obtaining and passing on vital information, betraying their country to fight the evils of fascism. Enigma secrets and atomic details are given to Russian contacts as the careers of the four take them to Vienna, New York, Washington and Moscow. During almost 20 years of counter-intelligence, despite their personal journeys, the four are bound by their beliefs and their secrets. – BBC Shop

About Benedict
TTSS で Colin Firth が演じた 「もぐら」 こと Bill Haydon のモデルと言われる Kim Philby とその仲間 Donald Maclean、Guy Burgess、Anthony Blunt を描いたドラマに Philby の友人 Edward Hand 役で少しだけ出演。SHERLOCK や各種授賞式で見慣れたぴっちぴちスーツではなく、麻や綿を素材としたゆったりした衣装を心地よさそうに着こなす姿もなかなか。膨張色を着ても余裕の細さと脚の長さ。