Silent Witness: Tell No Tales

silent witness tell no tales
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Silent Witness: Tell No Tales (S6 E5-E6)

Warren Reid

19, 20 Oct 2002


Other Cast Members
Amanda Burton, William Gaminara, Tom Ward

Plot Summary

(Episode 5) When a decomposed body is found hidden in the wall of an old factory building, Sam Ryan concludes he was murdered. He is eventually identified by his ex-girlfriend Selina Thomson as Marcus Saul, who had simply disappeared one day some seven years earlier. There has also been a break-in on campus and drugs have been stolen. The Dean asks Leo Dalton to speak to some of the students on the issue, but he’s not quite sure what he can do. – IMDb

(Episode 6) With the death of a student from a drug overdose, the university must face the wrath of the girl’s father, a major benefactor. The autopsy reveals that not only had she taken drugs but also that she had sexual relations with three different men in the previous 48 hours. Although the police have a suspect in the murder of Marcus Saul, new information suggests that the identity of the killer may lie in a completely different direction. – IMDb

About Benedict
一人の人間が抱えるいくつもの側面を巧みに演じ分ける力がすでに彼の中でしっかりと目覚めていたことが感じられる作品。初登場シーン (教授らしき男性から勧められた研究を断るくだり) では、前途有望な若者にだけ許される自信過剰で生意気な雰囲気を漂わせているが、親しくしている女性 Nathalie (後に 「語る死体」 となる運命にある) の前では、どこかおどおどして影が薄い医学生 Warren Reid の役。Nathalie が命を落とした理由が Warren にあると確信した彼女の父親から 「証拠が出てきた時には、キャリアも命もないと思え」 と凄まれた時のうつろな瞳や、ストーリーのクライマックスで映し出される彫りの深い横顔と美しい裸体は必見。