The Cocktail Party

the cocktail party

The Cocktail Party

Peter Quilpe

21 Nov 2003

BBC World Service

Other Cast Members
Jeremy Child, Sheila Gish, Ian McDiarmid, Diana Quick


Edward and Lavinia Chamberlayne are separated after five years of marriage. She leaves Edward just as they are about to host a cocktail party at their London home, and he has to come up with an explanation for why Lavinia is not present, in order to keep up social appearances. Lavinia is brought back by a mysterious Unidentified Guest at the party, who turns out to be a psychologist whom Edward and Lavinia both consult. They each learn that they have been deceiving themselves and must face life’s realities. They learn that their life together, though hollow and superficial, is preferable to life apart. This message is difficult for the play’s third main character, Edward’s mistress, to accept. She, with the psychiatrist’s urging, also moves on towards a life of greater honesty and salvation and becomes a Christian martyr in Africa. Two years later, Edward and Lavinia, now better adjusted, host another cocktail party. –Wikipedia

About Benedict
T.S. Eliot 作。ハリウッドで映画の脚本家として成功することを夢見る青年 Peter Quilpe を演じた。ラジオドラマデビュー間もない頃の作品だが、ベテラン英国俳優揃いの共演者の中でも引けをとらない堂々とした声は、豊かな舞台経験の賜物か。収録時に風邪気味だったようで鼻声での出演となったが、それが偶然にも Peter の未熟さや夢見る若者の青くささを際立たせている。