The Lady from the Sea

the lady from the sea

The Lady from the Sea


15 May – 28 Jun 2003

Almeida Theatre

Other Cast Members
Natasha Richardson, Claudie Blakley, John Bowe, Louisa Clein

Trevor Nunn


At the same time Nunn extracts mordant laughter from a scene, perfectly played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Claudie Blakley, in which a dying young sculptor vainly seeks to persuade Bolette to find fulfilment by sacrificing herself to his art. – The Guardian

The staging seems far more comfortable with its equivalent (or not) subplots, with Claudie Blakley and Tim McInnerny in particularly good form as a couple who strike up an alliance that comes at its own price. (One could go to town contrasting the various notions of freedom that are held by this play’s women.) And Benedict Cumberbatch, playing a sculptor given over to the sort of polite good cheer that can only bode ill, makes something quietly tragic out of Lyngstrand, who remarks “Everyone’s pairing off” with the awareness of someone wise to the feeling that he is being written out of his own play. – Variety

About Benedict
「人形の家」 などで知られるノルウェーの劇作家 Henrik Ipsen による 「海の夫人」を故 Natasha Richardson を主役 Elida に迎えた舞台で Lyngstrand を演じた。父親とともに乗っていた船が難破した際、救助に長い時間を要したせいで 肺を患ってしまったため、海の男としての生活に別れを告げ、 彫刻家として新たな人生を歩み始めた若者の役。